viernes, 29 de mayo de 2009

Vargas Llosa, Castañeda y Krauze aceptan debate con Hugo Chávez

Vargas Llosa, Castañeda y Krauze aceptan debate con Hugo Chávez
Left to Right: Enrique Krauze, Mario Vargas Llosa, Jorge G. Castañeda

Vargas Llosa, the famous Peruvian novelist and politician, Enrique Krauze, the famous Mexican history and politics entrepreneur, Jorge G. Castañeda, the famous Mexican writer/politician/ex Secretary of State/son of an ex Secretary of State/interpreter of Mexico/Latin America for American audiences.

All three are "ultra right-wing" according to Hugo Chávez and most leftist writers here in Mexico for their defense of classical liberalism.

The three writers/entrepreneurs/politicians/gas bags are in Caracas for a forum on liberty, or something. Chávez called them out on his interminable radio show, Haló Presidente, while they are busy criticizing his regime in some forum on liberty or whatever.

Castañeda says Chávez is desperate: he's riding the wave of high oil pricesand expropriating businesses, closing down opposition media, and undermining the authority of elected officials.

Vargas Llosa says that Venezuela is becoming a Communist dictatorship, following Cuba. He spoke at the conference after being detained for ninety minutes by Venezuelan authorities and being warned not to say anything bad about Chávez.

I don't know what Krauze says about Chávez. It's probably something about democracy.

Chávez will never follow through. He can't stand up to these three gas bags all by himself. Nobody could. Still, it would be fun to watch the debate—for sure he'd pull all kinds of dirty tricks on the three intellectuals. Aside from one's contempt for Chávez, one's contempt for these gas bags is greater. It would satisfy my schadenfreude needs to see them blathering away as Chávez makes them look like idiots.

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