lunes, 27 de julio de 2009

Is Obama the political fox?

Is Obama the political fox and not the sad sack conservative commentators say he is? That's what Madigan says"and he's "presidential writer in residence at Roosevelt College."

Unraveling ObamaCare

July 26, 2009
People really want to make a change of some kind, but they aren't sure quite how or what, and Obama remains a brilliant campaigner.
The president has watched from the sidelines as Congress wrestled with the question of what kind of health reform America actually needs. He's not doing that to be passive. The answers range from "none" to "complete" and touch on most points in between.
Remember President Bill Clinton's health-care debacle? He handed it to his wife and she emerged with a proposal crammed full of meticulous detail and dropped it on Congress like a cow pie in a hot pasture. People shifted away from it very quickly. Obama is not having any of that.
Obama is pulling on the levers of public opinion to create pressure to force Congress to make some difficult decisions.
He is letting Congress do the very messy part, which includes all those predictions of failure.

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