jueves, 30 de julio de 2009

Organic food is now officially a ripoff

I love this kind of thing. Once again, science confirms common sense. Now people have a weapon to wield against the organic food fanatics.

Organic food has no health benefits, study finds

Organic food gives no health benefits to consumers, according to research
for the Food Standards Agency
published today.

Shoppers pay more for organic fruit, vegetables, chicken, beef and milk but
the food gives no nutritional enhancement to people’s diet.

The watchdog stopped short of advising consumers that buying organic produce
was a waste of money but its message was clear: choosing to eat organic food
will make no important difference to a person’s overall health. Eating a
healthy balanced diet is the only important thing, the report concluded.

“Our review indicates that there is currently no evidence to support the
selection of organically over conventionally-produced foods on the basis of
nutritional superiority.”

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