jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

The irrationality of realpolitick

Is it ironic that the latest proponents of realpolitick--the Obamoid masses--are so irrational as to expect rationality from a fanatic religious regime?

Is Iran’s regime rational?

Was it rational for the “Supreme Guide” to jettison all pretense of electoral probity, and of a “Republic” supported by the people, for such a small gain? Was the loss of legitimacy both at home and abroad worth it? Was driving the populace, seeking small measures of personal freedom and economic stability, to a new understanding that the Islamic Republic regime was their enemy, a reasonable price for the small gain of choosing one among the selected candidates? I would suggest that it was not rational, but rather an expression of fanatical religious motivation. And that would make the Islamic Republic regime a non-rational player. blogs.law.harvard.edu

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