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This is what happens when you have "Education Ministries"

They become control systems for the future. The conclusion:young students who will be given Danilov’s history textbook on Tuesday will be taught not to pose unnecessary, uncomfortable questions to their leaders. Let the wise politicians and bureaucrats continue to rule the country and pilfer the oil and gas wealth. This is precisely how they will build a strong and wealthy Russia " at least for themselves and their families.
Any similarity with the Obamoid "independent experts" who will run the US health-care system is quite accurate.
clipped from www.moscowtimes.ru

An Enlightened Way to Distort Soviet History

On Tuesday, the whole world will remember how 70 years ago, Adolf Hitler — nine days after signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop nonaggression pact with Josef Stalin — invaded Poland and started World War II. Seventeen days after Hitler invaded western Poland, the Red Army invaded eastern Poland

Sept. 1 is also the first day of classes in Russia. Hundreds of thousands of last-year high school students will be given a new textbook recently approved by the Education and Science Ministry that contains a highly distorted version of  20th-century history.

they try to reject the notion that Stalinism and Nazism had the same criminal, totalitarian foundations. This allows the authors to “normalize” the Soviet regime and to claim, for example, that “the Soviet Union was not a democracy, but in terms of social policy and programs, it was the best model of a fair and just society for millions of people around the world.”
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